Moving images, performance, talking and writing, stories and sound.

I am interested in the mediation between ourselves and other people, and how we are unreliable narrators.


Cleaning house, sharing gestures in a participatory performance for FaB 2019.

Performing in the Holburne Museum. This side of my work is about holding space for experience. Sharing history with strangers, both of us finding our place.

Mood self-assessment

I am interested in labels, how we generate them and what we use them for. In terms of chronic health conditions, we’re invited to accept labels as a conduit to treatment. In this work, I ask my own questions and am not inviting categorisation. There is no reliable way to the truth of the matter.

Mood self-assessment was created for Blue Monday, an exhibition at 44AD in Bath.

No room for you

This is a companion piece to my MAFA interim show, September 2018.

On the back of ‘Lilies, lilies, alder and absence’, separated by a wall, is a television showing a four-minute video. The video is called ‘No room for you’ and shows my reflections on the two finished drawings.