Moving images and text together.

Created for the exhibition, Blue Monday, this is a work of video and text sharing a screen.

I am interested in labels, how we generate them and what we use them for. In terms of mental health, we’re invited to accept labels as a conduit to treatment. In this work, I ask my own questions and am not inviting categorisation. There is no reliable way to the truth of the matter.

I am interested in the mediation between ourselves and other people, and how we are unreliable narrators. In this piece I explore the use of language and identity around the position individuals occupy in relation to chronic illness.

The exhibition was at 44AD in Bath in January 2019.

This is a companion piece to my MAFA interim show, September 2018.

On the back of ‘Lilies, lilies, alder and absence’, separated by a wall, is a television showing a four-minute video. The video is called ‘No room for you’.