A interdisciplinary artist with a love of painting and story and everything in-between

Vicky McKay was born in Cumbria, north west England. She grew up between England and Scotland, crossing Hadrian’s Wall regularly. Now living in south west England, Vicky works and studies as a visual artist.


  • Royal West of England Academy 165 Open Exhibition.
  • Black Swan Arts Open 2017.
  • Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition 2018.
  • Blue Monday, 2019, 44AD in Bath.
  • Blue Monday Test Bed Residency 2019.
  • FaB Festival 2019, performance work at The ICE.
  • Untarnished performance at the Holburne Museum, July 2019.
  • Bath School of Art, Master of Fine Art.


I’m an interdisciplinary artist and an unreliable narrator. I’m interested in hauntings and work with what I remember and what I can see.

I tell stories with painting, drawing, writing, and recording.

I’m especially interested in mediation and meaning, and what gets erased while we’re working.

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